... about me ...

I grew up in the 1970s in Oslo/Norway area in a musical family.

My parents and teachers became aware of my love for creativity and music when I was a child.

After graduating from high school, I oriented myself toward an artistic career, vocational training and studies.

So, among other things, I completed the 
School for theater and singing. In the spirit of a “solid lifestyle”, I then decided to complete a study as a nurse.

A few years ago I met my husband Klaus; it soon became clear to both of us that our relationship also has (re)awakened the desire in us, in certain ways to give space to lost creativity.

... and even though there was no master plan for this undertaking, it happened, as it had to happen...:

I worked on the first pictures to illustrate one of my husband's works.

The desire to express myself artistically, which was probably still within me, quickly made its way powerfully.

In my works “The Blue Cycle” and “Colorful Worlds of Hope” I began to go my own way in painting in acrylic.

For most of these pictures, the interested viewer will have one interpretation help is provided in the form of a small lyrical text (in German).

My husband Klaus Stöckle is responsible for the texts.

He is also the author of the draft for a book for young people that I illustrated... see separate section...

one face of art


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